About Earth Journeys

Tauck, a worldwide leader in travel, and BBC Earth, nature's premier storyteller, have partnered to create Earth Journeys – innovative ways for you to experience our planet on journeys in destinations around the world.

Come Meet Your Planet

From frozen worlds to tropical jungles… shallow seas to African plains… our planet is filled with unforgettable adventures in the most magical natural realms. Tauck and BBC Earth take you on a journey to discover what inspires the world’s greatest natural history filmmakers – a backstage pass to experience, in person, places, people, animals and stories relating to the BBC’s landmark natural history series. We’ve collaborated together to tell nature’s most incredible stories, some that are millions of years in the making… or a microcosmic look at a day in a life. Earth Journeys brings you enhanced BBC Earth content, including hands-on use of field equipment to see how the BBC’s filmmakers reveal nature’s secrets, bespoke videos created for each destination, and educational touches. All to bring you a fresh perspective on our planet.


Be prepared for a totally new way to experience the destinations you’re visiting. There is so much we are not able to see in the everyday natural world, and each new innovation in camera technology opens a window to worlds never seen before. Underwater pole cameras put you in the water, at the moment, and capture what you cannot see from above… FLIR® thermal imaging cameras and night vision goggles allow you to see what is normally hidden in darkness... infrared camera traps keep an eye on even the most secretive, evasive wildlife 24 hours a day, offering a glimpse into their world while they remain oblivious to ours… specialized microphones bring the “voices” of nature to your ears… GoPro cameras capture every moment... and more.

New, Original Content Inspires, Involves, Informs...

View exclusive, compelling films specially produced by BBC Earth that deepen your travel experience and share their passion for an intimate knowledge of our natural world. And of course you’ll travel with our Tauck Directors who handle every detail, as well as local guides and experts who show you the world through their eyes. Our first Earth Journeys debuted in 2014 with four travel experiences selected to bring out the best in our partnership – Botswana, South Africa & ZambiaKenya & Tanzania: A Classic SafariAntarctica… and Manitoba: Polar Bear Adventure. These trips were joined in 2015 by Tanzania: Serengeti to Zanzibar... Tanzania: A Grand Family Safari... South Africa: An Elegant Adventure... South Africa: Epic Family Adventure... Peru & the Galápagos Islands... Cruising the Galápagos Islands... Galápagos: Wildlife Wonderland... Wild Alaska... Alaska: Call of the Wild... Northern India & Nepal... 2016 brings The Panama Canal & Costa Rica – and keep watching for more.

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