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The International King of Cheeseburgers

There is no doubt that the United States has undergone a wave of heightened culinary sophistication over the last 30 years. Americans are more knowledgeable about food, and cuisine is considered a more important part of the travel experience than ever before.
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Posted by A Colin Treadwell on 2/13/2018
Posted in: Musings From Colin Treadwell
Tags: Travel, Food

Picnics Around the World

Making the most of the sunshine, the setting and seasonal ingredients, there’s nothing like a picnic to whet your appetite for discovery during your summer vacation – like pique-niques in France, a basket-packed lunch with the Big Five and friends in Ngorongoro Crater or a mid-day fresh air meal overlooking Yosemite National Park from a...
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What's Cooking This Summer
Around The World?

Summertime dining all over the world is synonymous with outdoor feasts, especially barbecues, aka South African braais, Australian barbies, Argentinian asados and Hawaiian luaus to name a few… And depending on where your wanderings take you, you can taste authentic culinary traditions in every sizzling bite.
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Get a Taste of the
National Parks at Home!

It goes without saying that an escorted tour to America’s national parks is a visual feast. But while your eyes gorge on gorges like the Grand Canyon, a deep dish of layered sand and limestone cascading one mile down; rock candy landscapes peppered with a salt lake (think Utah, home to five national parks and dusted with deserts and an &ldquo...
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Romantic Getaways in Europe

Some couples really know how to live. Take my mother and stepfather. After they got married, in a garden in California, they went on a yearlong honeymoon in Europe. That’s right. An entire year. They sojourned at a 19th-century spa in Hungary, looked at art in France, investigated the pubs of Dublin, explored Loch Lomond in Scotland… a...
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Holiday Cookies From Us to You

It’s a tradition that dates back centuries and one that never fails to bridge cultures and countries with a taste of good tidings and heartfelt holiday cheer. I’m talking cookies… spritzed, sprinkled, shaped, sugared and shared, neighbor-to-neighbor, in the spirit of the giving season. Christmas cookies, or biscuits as they are...
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Enjoy Delicious Holiday Recipes from Around the World

We’re dishing up some of our favorite around-the-world holiday recipes… so you can enjoy them at home! Travel is all about experiencing a taste of life in new destinations. So it comes as no surprise that, for many of us, food plays a big role in the memories we bring home with us after our travels afar. If you’ve been dreaming o...
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Scenes from the Seine

Lovers know France best. What romantically inspired traveler has not dreamed of exploring a country where its rivers, like its wines, flow with irresistible invitations to drink in the intoxicating beauty of landmarks, landscapes and lifestyles that reward body, mind and soul.
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Meeting Royalty in Europe with Tauck

Before I travel to a new destination, I read about it. I learn about its history and culture. I research the food, traditions, and the weather. I look at pictures, seek out travelers’ reviews and talk to others who have been there. Then I daydream about it.
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Food for Thought... The Real Reason Why Those Irish Eyes are Smiling...

France has escargot, chocolate and baguettes. In Italy, it’s pasta and pizza perfection. Burgers and shakes are famous in the US. Spain has paella. Argentina has steaks… but Ireland? If you asked me when I was a college student living in Ireland on a semester abroad decades ago, I would have said potatoes, scones and Guinness in that ...
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Romancing the Senses…
The Most Unusual Places to Dine

Dining is a huge part of travel. Culinary specialties differ around the world, ensuring visitors an authentic taste of life in the places they’re exploring. But it’s not just the food that tempts my appetite for travel, it’s also the romantic “place settings” that make my mouth water for a unique dining experience I co...
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Posted by Cindy Clarke on 2/20/2015
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Cuba, Europe, Food, Food and Wine, France, Dining

The Ultimate Jazz Experience

Louis Armstrong once said, “Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine – I look right in the heart of good old New Orleans... It has given me something to live for.” Although he hit it big in Chicago in the 1920s and later became a legend throughout the world, Armstrong was a New Orleans native. To me, “Satchmo&...
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Posted by Rich Mancini on 11/21/2014
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Food, Ken Burns, Museums, Tauck Events, Jazz, New Orleans

7 Favorite Inspiring Travel Stories

One of the best rewards of travel is how it can shake the cobwebs from your head, touch you deeply – and trigger a seismic shift in how you think about things, including yourself. A sudden revelation might be sparked by a wonder of the world or an encounter with a local or just something unusual that catches your eye. I’ve noticed that ...
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Must-See Local Markets: Feasts for the Eyes & Tastes of Real Life

I love to cook, to try new foods and to learn new ways to prepare them – so one of my favorite ways to experience someplace new is to go scouting in local outdoor markets. I also enjoy people watching, and local markets are a wonderful way to get a taste of unrehearsed life in a new destination.
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Savoring Northern Spain's San Sebastián

A highlight of Tauck’s Paradors of Northern Spain is visiting San Sebastian for a 2-night stay in the heart of Basque Country. Located on Spain’s quiet northern coast, this is a city that went from fishing village to a summer destination for Europe’s wealthy (the Spanish royal family, Maurice Ravel, Mata Hari, Leon Trotsky) at the...
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Posted by Mary-Frances Walsh on 7/3/2014
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Tauck, Europe, Food

Meet One of Tauck's Finest: Tour Director Peter Tanner

One of Tauck’s “absolutal-ly” finest Tour Directors stepped down from the road in September, after 25 years of service. Born and raised outside Zurich, Switzerland, Peter Tanner trained to be a baker and pastry chef in his youth – having been directed at the age of 12 into the trades (rather than academia) on the basis of st...
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Posted by Mary-Frances Walsh on 10/18/2013
Posted in: Insider Connections
Tags: Tauck Director, Canada, Food, Switzerland

Oh Susanna... A Taste of the Old South in Savannah

Culinary celebrities describe southern cooking as “hospitality on a plate” alluding to the abundance of comfort food you’ll find on menus in the south. Accomplished chefs like Savannah’s own “caterer to the stars,” Susan Mason, author of the Silver Service cookbook, have created a banquet of recipes that make mou...
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Posted by Cindy Clarke on 9/19/2013
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Food, USA

Create Your Masterpiece

Bringing local European culture to life – learning about it, understanding it, embracing it – is a big part of what Tauck’s luxury European river cruises are all about. That’s why your Tauck river cruise will have you experiencing great European art, music and more throughout your trip, whichever corner of the continent you ...
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Make Your Own History... On a River Cruise

If you've ever wanted to time travel through Europe without leaving all the modern-day comforts of home behind, then consider embarking on a river cruise where you explore history by day and make history, your way, onboard a luxury riverboat, at night!
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Posted by Cindy Clarke on 8/2/2013
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Europe, Food, River Cruise

Finding Life Anew,
Under the Santa Fe Sky

What does it take to pull up roots – after 28 years – to move someplace new, all on your own? “Guts,” say some. “Really?” asked others. “Some are impressed, some are surprised and some are envious.” One daughter never believed she’d do it; the other said, “Sounds nice. Why not?”
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Posted by Mary-Frances Walsh on 6/20/2013
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Travel, USA, Food, Solo Travel

Singapore, A Tiny Nation with an Outsized Passion for Great Food

Not unlike the profusion of cuisines to choose from in the USA, where dining out can mean Italian, Mexican, Mongolian or Greek… eating out in Singapore means choosing from a South East Asia culinary bazaar with an Eastern twist: Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan, Thai, Vietnamese and more.
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Posted by Mary-Frances Walsh on 5/2/2013
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Asia, Food



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