Health, Vaccinations & Visas

Health information

Expect a Very Active Journey

All travelers to Africa should be in reasonably good health as significant walking (frequently in warm weather), climbing in and out of safari vehicles, and frequent air travel are to be expected. Roads in rural areas are bumpy and dusty. Although reliable and reasonably comfortable vehicles are provided, they are not air conditioned. Travel is often slow, especially in wildlife areas. Travelers who require assistance with walking or supplemental oxygen, or who have other mobility issues, are strongly advised that they may not enjoy this very active journey.


Supplemental Oxygen & Mobility Issues

Oxygen tanks, wheelchairs and motorized scooters cannot be accommodated on our safari tours; the developing infrastructure in the countries visited often presents severe and even insurmountable challenges for those with walking or other mobility issues. And as Tauck Directors are responsible for ensuring that Tauck groups enjoy a relaxing and informative journey, they cannot be relied upon to provide ongoing individualized assistance. Guests requiring individualized assistance must be accompanied by an able-bodied companion who can provide it.


Check with Your Health Insurance Provider

Determine whether you are covered while traveling. If you will not be covered under your current policy, we strongly suggest that you arrange for adequate coverage while on tour.



Country-specific Information

Vaccinations are required for entry to some countries. As these requirements are subject to change, it is crucial that you obtain the latest available information to prepare for your African journey. Country-specific health information, including vaccination requirements (if any), is available online at:

Ask Your Physician

In addition, it is critically important to review the recommendations on these websites with your own physician. Allow four to six weeks in advance of your departure for consultation, as some vaccinations require time for effectiveness. Be sure to ask your physician for proof of any vaccinations received as well as copies of signed prescriptions if you are taking prescription medications (in the event of a need for an emergency refill). This documentation should be packed with your other travel documents in your carry-on luggage (never in checked baggage).

Avoiding Disruptions to Travel

You may be denied entry into a country (or temporarily quarantined) if you do not obtain the necessary vaccinations and/or cannot provide proper documentation. Researching and complying with vaccination requirements for the countries visited on safari are the responsibility of each traveler. Tauck is not responsible for any disruptions to travel that may  be caused by incomplete vaccinations or failure to provide proof of required vaccination.


For Non-U.S. Passport Holders

If you are a citizen of another country traveling internationally, you should contact the consulate or embassy of the countries visited on your itinerary to determine what travel documentation is required.

For U.S. Passport Holders

  • Country-specific Entry, Exit & Visa Requirements are available from the U.S. State Department at: For more information, please consult “Before You Go,” found on each safari itinerary page at
  • Where visas are required, Tauck travelers may choose to obtain Visa Kits from our travel partner VisaCentral (, work with another visa service, or work directly with the appropriate consulate or embassy.
  • Some countries require that passports contain a specific number of blank visa pages.  If you are in need of blank pages in your passport, please note that: Effective January 1, 2016 Extra Visa Pages Are No Longer Issued!
  • If you are traveling with children to South Africa, it is important to consult the country’s special documentation requirements for children (
  • It is highly recommended to make at least two photocopies of all travel documents, including your passport photo page (showing dates of issuance and expiration and citizenship). While traveling, secure one set of copies in your hotel room safe and leave one set of copies at home in care of someone able to assist in the event that your documents are misplaced, lost or stolen.

Visa Requirements by Safari for U.S. Passport Holders – For more information


Countries Visited


Botswana, South Africa & Zambia

Zambia, Botswana,
South Africa

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Kenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari

Tanzania, Kenya

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Tanzania: Serengeti to Zanzibar


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South Africa: An Elegant Adventure

South Africa, Zimbabwe

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Tauck Bridges Tanzania: A Grand Family Safari


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Tauck Bridges South Africa: Epic Family Adventure

South Africa

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Visa Requirements by Country for U.S. Passport Holders – An Overview

Country    Valid Passport with at least 6 months' validity after departure?   Valid Passport with at least 30 days' validity after date of departure?   Blank Visa Pages per Entry Required in Passport?

  Tourist Visa Required?   Important to Know
Botswana    X   -   1 page   No, for stay of 90 days or less

Kenya      -   2 pages    Yes   On Kenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari, guests who choose to alter their air arrangements to fly round-trip via Nairobi may be required to obtain a Multi-Entry Visa, rather than the standard Single-Entry Visa.
South Africa    -   X   2 pages   No, for stay of 90 days or less

  Special documentation requirements apply when traveling with children.
Tanzania     -   1 page   Yes   Although airport visas are available on arrival, delays are common; we recommend obtaining visas in advance.

Zambia     -   2 pages   Yes   If you plan to arrive early and visit Zimbabwe prior to your Tauck itinerary, request a Multi-Entry Visa upon arrival. The cost is currently USD$80 per person.

Zimbabwe    X   -   None   Yes    

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